In 1996, CENK YORMAZ ELEKTRO LIFT was established as an elevator. He completed and handed over important projects for Rize till August, 1998. He froze his work with CENK YORMAZ IN military service until February of this year. After 2000 February, Yormaz Makine continued to work as CENK YORMAZ by using ELEKTRO LİFT brand again In 2002, YORMAZ MACHINERY INDUSTRY TRADE AND CO.LTD. was established to gain corporate identity. At the end of 2002, the management of the company, which was not indifferent to the request for meeting under a common company from RİZE elevator companies, operated as a chairman of this company for a period of 1.5 years. During this period, all of the certification works have been completed in accordance with the elevator regulations of this company. At the end of 2003, he resigned from his post of chairman and transferred his company's shares. In 2003, YORMAZ MACHINERY company was re-activated and its work was accelerated to complete the certification activities in compliance with the legal legislation, and the brand was changed to "YORMAZ" during these studies. In a short time like 4 months, the company had a good place in the market. It became known in the market as YORMAZ. In 2005, the Antalya Branch was opened with Cemil YORMAZ Firmaya. With this new formation of the company, Antalya quickly took its place among the respected companies of the market. In 2010, Samsun Office was opened by transferring to the Antalya Care Center KONE; Thus, there were active working conditions in the entire Black Sea region. In 2014, Cemil YORMAZ Leadership established the Ankara Montage Directorate. The Ankara Installation Directorate has an excellent staff of 100 people, which makes KONE Elevator's installations perfect. 3BM Elevator Market was established in 2016. All of the materials and the elevator company began working in Turkey for the supply. Rize Organized in 2017 Work needed for the construction of the factory started At the end of 2018, the construction of Fabrikan, which will start manufacturing as a modern facility for the spare parts production, is continuing. Our company, YORMAZ, is the regional contractor of KONE elevator in the Black Sea region since 2001. YORMAZ is proud to be one of the biggest companies in the region with this partnership that KONE is carrying with elevator. YOOMMAZ is aiming to be one of the leading companies in the future, and continues to work without interruption.

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